Interesting People, Interesting Things

Mrs Gandhi of New York

Meera Gandhi

New York based philanthropist Meera Gandhi who  divorced  her banker husband in February  and is  well known to Delhi an Mumbai’s social circles is looking at  launching a small line of products in India next year in 2016.She says she will be sharing more on this exciting venture soon but meanwhile is happy pursuing life as a newly single woman . As she says, “ My life was good and my life continues to be good. In fact , maybe I am doing more and having more fun as I am more free. My youngest child is now in college three weeks already and very happy. So, I really have more time. I feel privileged to be able to reach out to people who need my help.  Seva is the true secret of a joyful life! .Since Meera was abe to successfully divorce her husband amicably , she  has quickly moved on. .She says, “I think the most important factor in keeping negativity away from anyone’s life is to manage stress  so that  stress does not manage you. I think its the key to peace and happiness in this super fast, always connected technical  and global era. I think laughing is another easy way to keep positive.My philosophy is “Be present in every moment, enjoy the journey, love life and find peace and joy in all things possible”.

Vikram Seth’s poetic mood

Vikram Seth

While we still wait with eager anticipation for Vikram Seth to come out with his next  book,  A Suitable Girl , the unasssuming author has  taken a brief reprieve to write some poetry. His new book, Summer Requiem traces the immutable shifting of the seasons, the relentless rhythms of a great world that both ‘gifts and harms’. Luminous, resonant and profound, these poems trace the dying days of summer, ‘the hour of rust’, when memory is haunted by loss and decay. But in the silence that follows, as the soul is cast adrift, there is also reconciliation with the transience of all things; the knowledge that there is a place, ‘changeable, that will not betray’.

Seth’s earlier books  The Golden Gate, An Equal Music and A Suitable Boy, are amongst the most beloved and widely read books of recent times. He has also published several books of poetry, an opera libretto, a book of other libretti, and two highly regarded works of non-fiction, From Heaven Lake and Two Lives. .and incidently when not writing, Seth is playing Candy Crush and before one presumes that that is why the celebrated writer’s book is yet to see light of day, seth clarifies that the game is not on his current phone – he has kept the game on another phone that is far more sparingly used!

Bespoke Sarees by  Swati & Sunaina

Swati and Sunaina

Swati & Sunaina came together in 2007 in Kolkata with a conviction to bring back the lost treasures of Indian woven textiles and offer them to a discerning audience that truly appreciates craft and the effort of master craftsmen who devote their entire life to weave these heirlooms and keep the art alive.

What started as an enterprise of passion with small batches of hand woven sarees in different pure textiles, in 2015 has taken shape for the launch of their label which presents the bespoke couture edition. Their label presents eight styles in its 2015 launch edition that are painstakingly created with meticulous research and an endeavor devoted to infuse innovation and freshness. This reflects in the motifs, colours and placements, culminating in single edition textiles that celebrate tradition.

For everyone of the styles, each style is created in a single color way making it a truly bespoke heirloom sari. The use of pure zari, sourced and certified to weave saris intricately with artistic mastery is the hallmark of the label that consciously chooses quality over quantity, purity over commerciality and specialty over generality.

The names of the eight styles of launch edition of 2015 are: Advitya, Kaaynaat, Mehraab, Vaidehi, Hukum, Shikargaha, Leher and Ganga Jamuna.

Each sari is packaged in a beautiful wooden box that encloses the certificate of authenticity, the real silver / gold thread for testing, care instructions and style guide sharing the design details, saree serial no, weavers name, no of days taken to weave, fabric, warp and weft details, thread count, weaving technique, zari weight and purity details and saree weight and handloom and silk authenticity details

Royina Grewal pens a Baburnama
Royina Grewal
Every Indian’s life  has been touched by the construct given by  the Mughals which is alive even today in the form of food, architecture and culture and even our way of dressing and language. It is impossible to imagine the India of today without the Taj Mahal, the finest example Mughal architecture, or tandoori cuisine which harks back to Mughals.  As for Babur, though there is  plenty of information about his historical feats yet little is known about the man himself , he was a warrior general, conqueror and an able administrator  as also an aesthete poet  a caring lover and  doting father. Royina Grewal travel writer and organic farmer who has penned a fictional tale of babur’s days in Hindustan says, ” He was a man of many shades, tough enough to brave the blizzards of the Hindukush yet soft enough to feel for his soldiers’. There were so many layers to his personality.  During the writing of my earlier book on Agra, I had visited the Aram Bagh and I fell in love with the beautiful Mughul gardens . I have enjoyed so many evening walks there that I wanted to explore the many facets of a man who built a paradise garden in a scrubbed jungle.I want to write about the other great emperors such as Akbar, Salim and Shah Jahan in  the same genre. Each of them is  inspiring –  great generals and great emperors. However  they  also had so many other facets  they were poetss, painter and lovers and philosophers . I want to bring out the many layers  of their characters. My next story  will  be that of  Akbar-Salim. The father son relationship that runs through the Mughul history is most fascinating and the most defining relationship. After this , the third one will be Shah Jahan- Aurangzeb Dara which is for me the dream story. It has so much potential”.

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