A meal with Maria Goretti

Book Launch
Promila Bhari Ajay Mago Tisca Chopra with Maria Arshad and their kids


Vivacious VJ Maria Gorretti has now turned chef and authored a book which had a starstudded launch over  a scrumptious champagne lunch at the Living Room at Hyatt Regency New Delhi. Here is is what she has to say “I  have actually loved food all my life. In my past life, I must have been born in a country that had no food, because frankly, I am eternally hungry and my near and dear ones will vouch for that!

I know myself; I need to get into something deeply if I take it up, or it makes no sense to me at all. Gradually, I started getting seduced by the aromas, textures and the possibilities that could conspire in this beautiful place I discovered in my own home…my kitchen. It was like meeting a stranger and becoming friends. There were so many things I discovered about myself and food that I did not know before. I started reading, googling and watching food like an obsessed person. I discovered the secrets of fire to vegetables, yeast to flour, wine to meat, the right amount of kneading, whipping and marination.

If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would one day put together a food book, I think I would have rolled on the floor laughing’.

Ajay Mago, of Om Books International  the publishers for Maria’s book said on the occasion, ‘A couple of years ago, I happened to go through Maria’s blog and was certain that she could put together a unique book redolent not only with the flavors of her rich cultural moorings, but also with those picked up along her journeys across India and beyond. And each page of this book reflects that vibrant repository and crossroad of cuisines that foodies like myself live for, cooked, as she avers, with Love as the key ingredient.’

Promila Jain Bahri, Founder and Director, BollyGoods added, ‘My favourite from Maria’s book is the Strawberry Salad – its healthy, looks yummy and is low on calories. The one thing I’ve learnt from this vivacious celebrity couple is that the heart is important in whatever you do.’

.From My Kitchen to Yours_cover


bonding with Maria
with Arshad Warsi
 The refreshingly honest Maria Goretti  also revealed that she has no intention of starting a restaurant because as she says she only likes cooking and feeding people she loves.  Her best food memories date back to Christmas times at her Roman Catholic home with her  family.  Maria was reminiscing as she  spoke about the circumstances that led her to turn author for her  first everbook-  From My Kitchen To Yours.
And Arshad Warsi revels post marriage it was he who did most of the cooking at their first home which, he quips , had a large kitchen that also served as a living room and that his wife actually decided to turn to cooking out of fear that her kids would one day be saying Papa ke haath ka khana yaad aa raha hai instead of Ma ka khana!

The book says  Maria Goretti is a celebration of how she  lives her life, with memorable recipes from her mother’s East-Indian spreads, aromas from her grandmother’s kitchen, and the food that she has seen, touched and tasted over her many travels across India, and the world, as a VJ with MTV. Add to that, all those delicious dishes she has eaten at her friends’ homes, especially those sinful desserts that she loved, which she tried and tried till she got them right. Divided into monthly menus with soups, salads, starters, non-vegetarian and vegetarian main course dishes, and desserts, the recipes are simple and delicious.

Not many know that Maria Goretti is an Economics graduate, who studied Fashion Design. She worked as a dancer and, because of her talent, was snapped up for a number of advertisements. She has modeled for Coca-Cola, Liril, Close up and Volkswagen Beetle, to name a few. She spent five and a half years as a VJ for MTV, interviewing and touring with musicians from around the world, including Bryan Adams, Enrique Iglesias, UB40, Abba, Ricky Martin, Ronan Keating, Peter Andre and Pentagram. She hosted the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards for India from the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Maria was an anchor and a roaming presenter for the ICC Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka in 2002 and the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa. After making many disastrous dinners for friends who were willing guinea pigs, Maria realised that mastering food was her true calling. In 2011, Maria cleared, with distinction, the Cordon Bleu certificate course in food and baking at the Tante Marie School of Cookery, UK, run by Gordon Ramsay. She writes a food blog that has recipes and slice-of-life stories.

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