Raseel Ansal helps add colour to this season of cheer

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    Lifestyle designer Raseel Gujral Ansal is a true colourist. Known for her au courant home accents, which come punctured with art, the maverick loves hues as they give her a buzz. The brain behind luxury décor brand Casa Paradox, Ansal believes that colours give interiors their worth. As one of India’s leading lifestyle designers, Raseel Gujral has been ceaselessly valued for her outstanding ability in leading architecture and interior design trends over the past 25 years. Her design philosophy emphasizes a refined use of art, magnificent objects, patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a sophisticated color palette, that is beautifully balanced to provide a refined original signature. Raseel tell you how you can

    Raseel Gujral Ansal 2 (1)
    Raseel Gujral Ansal ..

    add colour to cheer !

    Infuse color to liven up your surroundings. We stronglybelieve that colours give interiors their worth and is the oxygen that lets you breathe

  • Glamour can be infused into the everyday routine by introducing an intriguing piece that in itself is a conversation starter. Beauty lies in the details so while natural elements provide adventure to a plain décor, electric accents in shapes and textures add aesthetic appeal to the space. Take for instance the brocade corsets from Casa Pop, inspired by the concept of a boudoir, these lush pieces are a celebration of beauty, sensuality and a mélange of exquisite finish and effectual functionality.
  • Incorporate nature in subtle hints in your surroundings. Take for instance, a vision of the astounding Amazonia which is brought to life with the vivid blossoms, verdant leaves and the warm glow of the morning sun all pitted against an ebony milieu. apes and textures add aesthetic appeal to the space.
  • Accentuate the décor with scented candles in antique Victorian teacups and vases to infuse nonchalant glamour. A great way here to infuse the blossoming beauty of lush green outdoors with the mundane indoors is to incorporate scented candlesand oil diffusers into the living space. I personally am very fond of natural essences made from flower extracts such as that of honey suckle, lavender, lotus and jasmine, as it instantly injects a dose of freshness to a tainted room.
  •     Abstract lighting accents and Art provide a conversation starter to an otherwise basic decor. Translating original graphics onto a variety of materials is a trend that endures beyond periods.  It could be tile, textile, murals depending on the application and can be interpreted onto topical furniture that combine French, colonial and Indian influences and is representative of  inlays in onyx, jaali work, mirror framing, and incorporate the neo classical elements.

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