Delhi based entrepreneur  and young mother, Neha Rungta who hails from the family behind the first of it’s

kind entertainment hub, Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon  is now ready with an exciting new concept for toddlers – a play n learn school in Haus Khas, New Delhi based on the Lego concept. Here’s waht Neha has to say about her brand new venture Bricks 4 Kids –

Why did you think about doing something like this?

My daughter was all of 2 when I decided to go for it. I was looking for something to do with my spare time and used to wonder how to best channel my creativity. This seemed to be the answer. Something clicked when I came across the Bricks 4 Kidz franchise with its endless creative possibilities for me as well as for kids. I was very certain that I wanted to do something to do with kids.

Why specifically Lego inspired school?

It was easy to relate to this business as I was always a big Lego fan. Who isn’t? And my little daughter was even more so. I liked the concept of  educating kids in an entertaining and Maths fun to learn. They had been awarded the best children’s enrichment program franchise by the Entrepreneur magazine…..that clinched it for me.

Is there anything similar in India?

There are countless programs and activities for kids in India but Bricks 4 Kidz is unique in terms of popularity, quality and concept.

How has your own child benefited by Lego?

My child has benefited immensely. She has effortlessly picked up simple Maths and other skills with the help of Lego bricks and looks forward to our session. She enjoys free play as well on days we arrange play dates with her friends.

What were the problems you faced?

The creativity part was not a problem. We were very happy with the way our centre turned out. To find the right teachers took some time as well.I  wanted the best for our centre. As it turned out we got lucky and soon got together some fantastic teachers who were efficient, dedicated, friendly and pleasant. Getting people and children to visit the place also took some time and work. But soon business picked up in quite a big way thanks to social media and word of mouth. Planning the first birthday had us on our toes. But it turned out fantastic now our birthday parties with our fun themes too are a big hit with both parents and kids.

What has been the response of kids at your school to what you teach?

The kids simply love and enjoy every aspect of it. Most kids are reluctant to leave at the end of the session. They seem fascinated by their creations- be it super heroes or racing cars etc. They participate with great enthusiasm and attentiveness.


What have parents of these kids said? Have they noticed a difference in the child?

We’ve only just started but the feedback so far from parents has been quite overwhelming. Most are more than happy and come back to book more sessions for their kids. Some of them love the idea of enjoying our signature hot mug of coffee in the scenic warmth of our sitting area while the kids get busy with the Lego bricks.


What is your vision for the school?

We’d be happy to see hundreds of bright kids with happy, smiling faces at our school. We’d love to see kids avail this opportunity to play and learn we’d like to see them sitting less before TV sets. And in order to reach out to more kids we aim to see many more such Centres in Delhi NCR. We therefore welcome franchises enquiries.





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