Why should you go to Jordan?  With the summer break around the corner, everyone is thinking about where to visit. Last month I visited  a oasis of peace in an region of strife and realized just how magical a travel destination Jordan really is. Jordan has a spot of something for every travel type. Here’s 7 reasons why Jordan is magic


With relics from the ancient Greek civilisation to the modern Amman is not only the  oldest capitals in the world, but also has it all ,  restaurants, old markets, new malls , fabulous views (from the Citadel) , state of the art convention centre and even a  automobile museum  with some beauties from the King of Jordan’s motor stable.

2 FABULOUS : Hospitality

Friendly, fun and helpful, that’s the average Jordanian for you. My tourist guide Salah was out of the ordinary helpful and made sure  I was enjoying myself to the max. I’ve was invited to his home, offered valuable advice and shopping assistance and even  given access to his wi fi all through the trip. And it was only towards the end of my week long trip did I come to know that Salah’s  wife was in hospital giving.


One of my best experiences in Jordan is the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage recognized desert of Wadi Rum travelled by ancient traders, Lawrence of Arabia as well as tourists. Because of its bright golden orange sands, stunning alien landscapes .Wadi Rum has been used as locales for the moon or Mars. Stay at the tented Bedouin camps which are well equipped with every modern amenities, enjoy beautiful Bedouin ballads by skilled musicians and tuck into a hearty meal. Before leaving try a camel ride – my camel ride was Shakira and yes the lady’s hippy moves lived up to her namesake!

4.OMG! It’s Petra

It’s impossible to quite describe Petra. This ancient city is one of the modern seven wonders of the world and  a top reason why tourists visit Jordan. A massive red stone city that you reach after a walk through the kilometer long Siq, a  canyon passage .. The first look of Petra is the famous Treasury building, featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  And then walking paths lead into the beautiful huge complex which includes a hilltop Monastery. Keep enough time for leisurely explorations for this unparallel site.

5. GOD’S OWN SPA:  The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea  experience  with waters so salty that you can never drown is as unique as  unique can be. And the mud here rich with minerals is the beauty treatment for emperors and queens.  Slather it on for free by the seaside where it is kept in large crucibles or else If you want a royal experience, try the high-end resorts like the Kempinski  or the Move N Pick resort along the Dead Sea. The Move N Pick’s Dead Sea resort where I stayed  is well designed, is visually beautiful and has great service. Another lovely getaway not far from Amman, Evason Spa and Hotel at Ma’In.  A small boutique hotel set high in the hills, the hotel houses naturally occurring hot spring waterfalls. A long soak in the thermal baths is both luxurious and a holistic experience. The cascading hot springs offer a amazing visual even as in soak in the therapeutic waters.

6 .GORGEOUS:  The Red Sea

From desert roll down to the Red Sea to the port city of Aqaba, a world class diving and snorkeling destination. I spent an amazing afternoon  sailing, grilling . and  soaking the sun. If you are adventurous enough, say hello to the jelly fish. You can also do tax-free shopping and eat at some excellent restaurants.


A superb blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine that are served with starters and entrees ranging from hummus and bread to meats, cheeses and salads. And the national dish mansaf – lamb cooked with yogurt and rice and served  family style. Of course you will come back a few kilos heavier but every kilo is worth it.

So this summer  weave yourself a spell and go Jordan!










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