Ritu Beri on a nostalgic roll

Ritu with daughter GiaThe starry line up at the launchFriends!FullSizeRender (1)There was nostalgia, contentment and pride for Ritu Beri as she admitted,“I am feeling awesome. I have friends from all over the place. I have my friends from the fraternity, I have my mentor, my school teacher and my daughter here. It is a full circle moment. But, I still feel young and I think I have a lot to do.” The well known fashion designer, one who I have seen and applauded as I watched her grow both as a fashionista and a woman during my more than two decade long friendship with her, glowed through the evening and basked in the full some accolades and affection from the people closest to her. After all the hard work , it was time to celebrate….
Ritu Beri’s 25 years in fashion culminated with two books authored by the diva herself..”This is certainly one of life’s full circle moments for me”, says Ritu Beri.”The books are a first-hand, exciting portrayal of the various experiences that I encountered during my voyage in fashion They are interspersed with the various adventures she encountered during her journey through the fascinating world of fashion.and the book also serve as an inspiring rendition of the evolution of the Indian fashion industry.
Beri communicates her story in two books : An autobiography, The Fire of A Restless Mind& The Designs of A Restless Mind. As the lovely lady says, “Nothing inspires me more than Life – Life is my source of passion and has gifted me some of the most rewarding experiences.”The books published by Academic Foundation.were launched on 9TH APRIL 2016; at the Hyatt Regency New Delhi with a large gathering of family friend colleagues as well as personalities who mentored the young Ritu and helped her in the flight towards fashion . While the words were all in the books, Ritu’s glowing face at the launch event as she basked in the glow of a life well lived said it all..

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