Janhavi Prasada brings us to Gandhi

In the month of the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Janhavi Prasada  writes a new graphic novel about Gandhi that will bring him closer to our hearts and minds and our lives as well.

We have all  put Gandhi safely in a box labelled Mahatma and kept him safely outof our lives feels Janhavi Prasda  founder of the NGO Youth for Gandhiwho hhails from an erstwhile family of zamindars of Oudhin UP She also happens to the younger sister of  Jiten Prasada, one of the youngest ministers in the Congress cabinet. Janhavi who is ready to release Tales of  Young Gandhi a graphic novel says, “Somehow we have made Gandhi a larger than life figure to be remembered only on October 2 and January 30

Janhavi Prasada’s Tales of Young Gandhi draws on his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, to remind us that he was an ordinary man who in his younger days smoked, drank, stole money, was shy, visited a brothel and was driven mad by lust. But he experimented with his experiences to become the person he did.

Tales of Young Gandhi reminds us that we all have Gandhi within us and like him we can use our experiences to become better versions of ourselves.

Harper Collins. Price Rs 499 Pages 200


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