AIFW 2016 – When AnT add glitter to khadi and Ashish Soni’s black n white is so right…

I never knew khadi

Ashish Soni Impeccable cuts

could  glitter (Abraham and Thakore)  or that androgynous styles could make men AND women look just so right (Rajesh Pratap Singh and Ashish Soni). So just when I thought (post scores of  fashion shows), just how often can you reinvent the wheel, I was happily surprised yet again. Both shows, like the designers themselves were understated,  classy and oh so stylish. I also saw the gorgeous girls Mandira Wirk and  Pria Kataria Puri show some winsome styles that would make every woman feel feminine, flirty and fabulous. Mandira proved yet again that  how supremely beautiful white in all its shades can be and Pria’s trademark luxe and glamourous kaftans are surely a silloutte most women should add to their wardrobe. Had some fun too meeting up with some special people.

Mandira Wirk with her models
Abraham and Thakore gold  khadi saree
Ashish Soni Impeccable cuts


A hug from Pria Kataria
Catching up with the pioneer Kavita Bhartia
Selfie with the gadget guru Rajiv Makhni.



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