To Kalam Sir with Love

On 15th October, people not just in India, but around the world, will commemorate the 85th birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, in a manner as special as the man himself.  Kochi based NGO ‘LetterFarms’ has collaborated with the New York based ‘Handwritten’ to launch one-of-a-kind online exhibition featuring ‘dream’ quotes by Kalam sir on handwritten postcards done by people across India. 

 “The Spark of Resilience” interactive exhibition will lead us through an amazing collection of hand-thought & handwritten postcards, separated into 4 categories : Spark, Resilience, Decision, and Take -off, narrated exclusively through ‘dream’ quotes of Dr. Kalam.The acclaimed Dear Kalam Sir campaign saw people from over 200 cities of India mail in their handwritten tribute on a simple postcard, setting the stage to make it the world’s largest handwritten postcard tribute campaign for a public leader ever. In July this year, to commemorate the first death anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam, Bloomsbury had published an illustrative book titled ‘Dear Kalam Sir’ based on this innovative campaign. The book went on to win award at the recently held annual event of Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) – the top body of book publishers in India.

 ” The Spark of Resilience exhibition articulates the journey of our dreams in a step-by-step process. This online handwritten exhibition will reach out to every youth across the world, inspiring them to articulate their dreams in writing and encourage them to work towards achieving them” says Saji Mathew, co-founder of LetterFarms

“At a time when so many headlines want to say handwriting is a lost art, the Dear Kalam Sir project suggests otherwise: the simple power of the handwritten postcard has brought together people of an entire nation to remember the beloved President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam. In fusing the art and act of writing by hand, we discover new ways to remember the past and imagine the future,” says Brett Rawson, Founder of Handwritten. 

 Visit the exhibition at:

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