Ritu Beri gives khadi a spin!

Handpainted motif on khadi
Khadi Kaleidoscope
With Meenakshi Lekhi
Ritu Beri
With Ritu

Ashoka Avenue, Sainik farms, Ritu Beri’s studio was buzzing with activity as I dropped in to view the Ritu Beri designed khadi collection at an exhibition presided over by Meenakshi Lekhi, the vocal  BJP MP with whom also I got a chance to catch up after very long. The MP a high profile lawyer by profession was happy to take sometime off from her busy day to lend her support to a cause like khadi which is so deeply connected with our national fervour.

Ritu too excited about her association with KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) as a promoter for a year, said, “I had worked with khadi 25 years ago when I first started  making my first collection which was khadi based. The sales were good then and now that I have worked with khadi again I found the sales have been phenomenal .which only goes to show the appeal of this national fabric. Now we have crossed I crore with our sales since our launch just a few days ago, which is a huge leap over sales of previous years. I am really honoured to do be working with khadi again. It is for India and we need to do this for our country. Like they say, it’s an air conditioner fabric and it’s handspun. It gives employment to so many Indians. Wearing this historic fabric is link to our national pride.”

Well  when khadi gets an ambassador like the gorgeous Ritu Beri, there is every possibility that this national fabric will  become a fashion rage. .

The new collection has something for men and women, irrespective of age. It’s a blend of ghagras, salwars, tops and jackets with kurtas in shades of pink, blue, yellow and white. Ask Beri who she would like to dress in khadi, flashing her famous smile she says,. “It’s a dream to dress up PM Modi. To design for him, will be an honour.”

The new collection surely has something for men and women of all ages. There are ghagras, salwars, tops and jackets with kurtas in every fashionable hue!

 Camera  Sonalie Singh

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