Good Enough To Eat !

Work, stress, pollution and urban lifestyle take away the much-needed natural element from life. How does one prevent further damage?

Recently, I heard about APS CosmetoFood, edible skin care that brings the goodness in the form of products that are enriched with multiple benefits which are not only pure but also having the essence of food actives in the most natural form without having any side effects.

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of natural ingredients in beauty products, and like everyone else I also wondered “Do they really work?”… But as it highly came recommended by one of my close friends, I thought of trying it out. And unless you use and experience the benefits of these products, you would find it hard to trust it, but once you try them out, you’d not be looking for anything else.

I thought of trying the APS Cosmeto Food Exfoliating Olive Scrub first. The scrub comes in a pearl form and the roundness of olives add a gourmet touch to its application. Unlike a lot of scrubs, I have used before, it didn’t feel irritated or super dry after use. I believe that’s because of the Xylitylglucoside that they use, a hydra concept technology, to prevent loss of skin moisture. I wanted a scrub to keep my face smooth and glowing in this weather and I must say this has been one of my recent favourites!


I was so impressed that I thought of trying their Anti Sunburn Tomato Serum. Tomato has always been beneficial for the skin. It’s a natural remedy for acnes, pimples or scars, it protects you from sunburns, and gives you a better and healthier skin. If you like tomatoes enough, you can even eat the serum!

Make sure you try it at least once to see the distinct improvement in your skin and be protected from the sunburns.


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