Antonio Banderas shows how to be the Selected Homme

Transitioning from acclaimed actor and producer to menswear designer, Antonio Banderas launched his first ever clothing line in collaboration with SELECTED HOMME in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Designed to be a lifestyle clothing solution for everyday men, the collection is peppered with signatures of the actor himself, appearing through subtle design details. It adheres to classic menswear and includes smart wool topcoats, band-collar popover, polo shirts, sharp suits and leather jackets tricked out with brass hardware. The Mediterranean has been a huge influence in Antonio Banderas’s design for this new line by SELECTED and hence the collection is marked with stunning shades of blue.

In regards to working with SELECTED HOMME, Antonio Banderas explains, “It’s no secret that I live part of my life on the red carpet, so I am automatically tempted by great tailoring. But for many men that same need to feel handsome in a suit is evident when throwing on a simple T-shirts and jeans – myself included. We’ve taken that approach and applied it to all parts of life, attempting to capture that cocktail moment in everything from jeans to leather jackets to, of course, impeccably tailored suits. With my collection for SELECTED, we want to move in little signals and small messages that people can recognize immediately as Antonio Banderas Design by SELECTED,” says Banderas.

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