Wonderchef Unveils Its New Collection!

Keeping up with the mood of the New Year and adding to the celebrations in every home. Wonderchef,  the finest cookware and appliances brand by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, gave homemakers a reason to celebrate in 2017 with its exclusive new range in kitchenware.

Keeping up with the mood of the New Year and adding to the celebrations in every home, Wonderchef has launched innovative and stylish products which include the EasyLite – Finest Gas Stove Lighter, Nutri-Blender Juicer Mixer Grinder, Oven Toaster Griller & Caesar Casseroles.


From being the most ignored part of a home,today the kitchen has become an extension of the living space and the personality of the homemaker. This new year foster your creativity and whizz up one-of-a-kind dishes that will have the whole family asking for more!


Details of newly launched products

Wonderchef Easylite– Stylish and long lasting with over 20 sparks at a single push

Wonderchef has come up with the Easylite lighter which enhances the safety of your kitchen and assures the lighting of gas everytime as it does not require and recharge or battery. It is fitted with indestructible crystals and promises the same performance year after year.

Price starts from Rs. 499/-

Nutri Blender Juicer Mixer Grinder- A multitasker of your kitchen to make your tasks easy

A multipurpose Nutri Blender Juicer Mixer Grinder has all the features you were vying for your kitchen. It comes up with powerful 750W JMG is made up of the high quality stainless steel micro mesh filter for maximum juice extraction with die cast metal base for durability. It also has super sharp blades which offer fine grinding and convenient juicing. A mixer with noise reduction technology makes the work easy and peaceful. Price-MRP- Rs 6000, MOP- Rs 4,990/-

Oven Toaster Griller (OTG 19L) – Bake delicious cakes, pizzas, soft breads, grill vegetables, roast meats and do so much more

Wonderchef has introduced the OTG 19L which can be used for baking and grilling simultaneously. It has stainless steel heating elements and has temperature control upto  250℃. It also have auto shut off timer function with ready bell t is equipped with rotisserie & convection function for ideal tandoori cooking.  It also has Stay-on function to keep the food warm for hours even after food is cooked.

Price- MRP- Rs 5000, MOP- 3,499/-


Caesar Casseroles– Finest, Classy and Regal pans for your new age kitchen!

When it comes to casseroles, choose ones that enable you to cook with no oil or very little oil. In terms of construction, these die-cast aluminium casseroles are heavy, classy, elegant and easy-to-use. They are perfect for making gravies, biryanis, koftas and more.

Price- Starting from Rs 2699/-


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