Woman on top!

Shalini Arora Kochhar, one of Delhi’s popular faces has recently launched her own women’s entrepreneurial network, Women on Top…SunnySideStories caught up with her for a quick q and a to know more about this…


What prompted you to start this network?

Power especially the power to effect real n meaningful change is rarely a solitary achievement. It comes from connecting with others and exploiting your true potential. My work over last few years has involved a lot of networking and social networking and I realized the more people I included and associated the larger my brand became. That’s what prompted me to start this forum to give some sort of organized platform to Women Entrepreneurs.

What does WOT aim to do?

WOT aims to

  • Foster & support relationship building among professional women
  • Identify potential mentoring opportunities for diverse, multigenerational women at various stages in their career journey
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships among professional women

We aim to do this by providing a secure and stable platform for female professionals & entrepreneurs from all walks of life to be able to connect & interact with each other.

What is it’s USP and how is it different from other such networks?

The USP of a network is always the people and how their energies combine. And I have handpicked likeminded women who are confident in their skin n their space therefore there to encourage help and motivate others. I see this as a mutually beneficial group.

How will you promote it?

My forte is events so that has to be the crux of it to bring everyone together may it be a serious panel discussion format on various topics, theatre n art of the cultural beings, The Whisky n Wine club for a chill out evening of chatting.. So much to do So little time!

What next?

To commemorate this forum, I am compiling a book on 100 Women Entrepreneurs. so, watch this space for action galore.

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