Women: Be bold for a change (Celebrate Unite Empower)

Sita Raina, Madhu Jain, Shazid ilmi, Nilofer Currinhboy, Bhavna Reddy & Shashi Sunny
Sita Raina, Madhu Jain, Shazid ilmi, Nilofer Currinhboy, Bhavna Reddy & Shashi Sunny
Senior PR professional, Neena Gulati,  hosted  a panel discussion on gender equality at the Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, on 27 February. Leading women achievers like Bhawana Reddy, Madhu Jain, Shazia Ilmi, Nilofer Currimbhoy and Sita Raina graced the event as panelists. Journalist Shashi Sunny of Sunnyside Stories moderated the discussion. 
Discussing the topic and the theme for International Women’s Day 2017 Women: Be Bold For a Change the talk session aimed at bringing these achiever women together on sharing thoughts on how becoming a leader within our own spheres of influence, by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity and by talking about it within our society and beyond truly drives the greatest change for women.
Uniting and celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women is what the nation needs today Gender discrimination still remains a critical issue in the Indian society. Under the traditional patriarchal norms, women have been largely relegated to secondary status both inside the household and at the workplace. This has affected women’s health, their financial status, political involvement, and education. Women are usually married young, soon become mothers and are burdened by stringent domestic responsibilities. The numbers reveal a darker side of inequality with only 54% Indian women literate as against 76% men.
Madhu Jain & Shashi Sunny
Madhu Jain & Shashi Sunny

What is more alarming is that terms like ‘women empowerment’, ‘feminism’ and others are often diluted and assume a rather fluid role rather than being anything concrete. The purpose of all the activism is often lost under the weight of the words and the work of real achievers is usually not highlighted.

Shashi Sunny, Neena Gulati
Shashi Sunny, Neena Gulati
And that’s exactly what the panel discussion aimed to do. The panelists, women who have a vital presence in their own field spoke about their experiences, disappointments, courage and their achievements. The panelists at the event cut across various professions like beauty expert, artist, and journalist turned politician and theater activist. Each of these women is a doyen in her own domain and has challenged stereotypes and battled societal traditions to reach the pinnacle of their career.

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