Sun shone bright in Gurgaon!

Gurgaon had a special dose of sunshine recently, when Shenaro Lifestyle brought together sunshine girls as the most exciting curated fashion and lifestyle exhibition in the city. Shenaro Lifestyle celebrated the essence of these modern Indian women with “Sunshine Girls”, an event that was all about cherishing and uplifting women entrepreneurs.

Hand-picked stalls for apparel, jewelry, accessories and home décor, each chosen for their unique craftsmanship and display made this a superlative exhibition. Geared to take care of each need, mood and fancy of the independent woman of today, each stall offered moments of self-expression. Brought to life by Sheetal Suri owner of Shenaro Lifestyle, an independent entrepreneur who has brought this platform in the reach of many other entrepreneurs like her to promote and exhibit their work. A lot of homegrown talent was on display at the exhibition and Sunny Side Stories is delighted to give you the inside scoop.

The energy of the exhibiters and the visitors did not drop even for a minute from morning to evening. Many of the visitors were seen alone in the morning and had come back with their friends and family in the evening as they loved what they got to see and buy. Every brand was different and unique in its own way. The credit of keeping everyone energetic goes to a very special stall named XS Energy Drink which had all the essential products to keep one full of energy.

Visitors were going gaga over the jewelry by Infuzze & Izvari as they were elegant yet affordable. There were many clothing brands which were selling like hot cakes two of them were Donna & Lord and Ekum. Both the brands had western outfits yet were so different from one another. Donna & Lord is specialized for their work of Damka with gold and silver threads, whereas Ekum is a brand who does not make copies or any other versions for a particular dress. Achilles and Metal Art both had antique home décor products which were absolutely mind blowing.

The best from all was a non-profit initiative called Guna who works with rural women farmers and produce organic oils, scrubs, dry fruits, etc. They have a partnership with Ministry of Environment and other social cause initiatives. The most surprising and inspiring thing was that they have been awarded by the British Council which is known as ‘Social Impact Award’ in India.

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