Priyanka Chaudhary Raina – A mother with a mission

A software engineer by education, Priyanka Chaudhary Raina completed a stint as a banker with ING in Netherlands, before she went on a maternity leave to welcome her beautiful daughter Gracia to this world along with her cricketer husband Suresh Raina. Subsequently, she moved back to India, to raise her daughter.  Motherhood has given a rare sensitivity towards the needs of the girl child, and made her realize how many are without privilege. This realization led her to actively engage with various NGO’s to promote education for the girl child and gender equality. She feels very strongly about promoting women entrepreneurship and independence and wants to help women in following their dreams.  Embracing motherhood, community and working towards the upliftment of the girl child, has given her a new mission in life.

How has motherhood changed your life?

It has changed my life in ways I didn’t expect it to! Its a bag of mixed emotions, it is wonderful but at the same time if can leave you exhausted and exasperated for most of the time! It’s a hard balancing act and if you’re not prepared for it, Oh Boy! You’re in for the time of your life! Ever since our daughter has been born she is the apple of our eye. If I ever have a bad day I always have Gracia to look forward to, her smile brightens my soul! And no matter what has transpired through the day, motherhood has been totally worth it.

You were recently involved in the paalna initiative-tell us a little about that?

Yes and it’s been wonderful being associated with such a great initiative. The whole idea was to voice the concerns and help the children at Paalna, Delhi Council of Child Welfare. We were able to raise a good amount of money, which will go towards the upkeep of the place, education and food for the kids and provide amenities, which they don’t necessarily have, access to. I also believe that if you can do something, you should go ahead and do it, especially if it’s for a good cause. If we all helped out, we could make a difference, big or small, an effort always counts.

What is life with Suresh Raina like?

It’s busy! Its hectic! Suresh is always traveling, training and now with IPL it’s no doubt crazy busy! And yet somehow he has always managed taking family time out for us. He’s extremely dedicated as a father and a husband and to his gym and work out. If he’s not on the field, he either in the gym or with us!

What is a typical day in the life of Priyanka Raina?

It starts with me waking up, planning the day for Garcia and me. I spend time with her and then hit the gym. Sometimes I take her with me too! Ive never been one to leave my daughter behind and if I can take her with me to wherever I go, I do! Once I’m back home I work on few social causes and see where I can be involved, help and lend support. I feel for young mothers who do not have adequate means for brining up their children and I am working towards such causes to ensure that mothers are educated and children too. I also really enjoy writing and have recently just started my column with Daily O.

You are very fit for a young mother- any tips for young mothers out there?

Thank you! For believing that I am a fit mother- that’s a huge compliment! But its hard work and dedication that goes in once you’ve had a baby. Its important to make time for yourself and work on yourself. You need to do this in order to restore some sort of sanity in your life!

What next?

There’s a lot that happening and already in the pipeline. I am working on projects that I am passionate about and lending support to social causes. You’ll just have to wait and watch as it unfolds!

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