Jojo & Yatan’s affordable access to effective high quality organic products

Jojo & Yatan who create magic with their hair styling and makeup, were once regular faces on the glamour circuit have now opted  for a more holistic lifestyle at their Valley View Organic Orchard & Farmstay LLP at Pathankot Panjab. They have now made a foray into the beauty & grooming segment with the launch of two organic & natural products for both men & women which are a natural solution for various skin and hair issues most people face, irrespective of their age, sex, location or socio economic background.“Both our products fight and protect against the harmful effects of exposure to pollution, improper diet, resulting mineral & vitamin deficiencies as well reactions caused by using conventional and chemical laden grooming products on your skin and hair”. say the duo and explain that a lot of research and development was undertaken before shortlisting the ingredients and final product mix.

I tried a sample pack and found I could actually feel and smell the raw earthiness of the natural ingredients and the both the hair pack and face pack delivered as promised! I found my face clearer and brighter and my hair felt squeaky clean, smooth and super bouncy and healthy. And all this at a fraction of the cost that I would have dished out at a fancy saloon. So if you are interested in the pure stuff minus the frills fancies and the over pricing go for these products! All ingredients have been grown, handpicked, sun dried and handmade at Valley View Organic Orchard & Farmstay in the lower Himalayas. Exposed only to mineral rich soil, fresh mountain air and pure rainwater!

The products are available online at:

and select stores across India.

SKIN CARE: Organic & Natural Face and Body Masque

Ingredients: Natural fullers earth and certified organic sun dried mango, guava & neem leaves and citronella grass.

Benefits: Deep pore cleansing, prevents & controls acne, tightens the skin, brightens the tone, removes fine lines, stretch marks, tan marks, dark spots and reduces visible signs of ageing. Leaves your skin feeling and looking younger, smoother & firmer.

MRP: Rs.325

HAIR CARE: Organic & Natural Hair Masque

Ingredients: Certified organic sun dried mango, guava & curry leaves.

Benefits: Stops hair fall, prevents premature greying, reduces dandruff, strengthens, conditions and improves the quality of hair. Improves density and

increases new hair growth.

MRP: Rs.325


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