PRIYA JAIN ON LIFE & LEARNINGS :  I learnt my life and business skills from my dad, Late Shri D K Jain..

Priya with her dad Late Shri D K Jain
Priya with Capt Amarinder Singh CM of Punjab
Priya Jain Businesswoman, fashionista and social entreprenuer

A fashionista, social entrepreneur, philanthropist and business woman who has learnt the ropes from her very successful industrialist father Late Shri D K Jain of the Luxor group, Priya Jain says her father is her greatest inspiration. She  says, “My father is my teacher  for both business and my life learnings  and now that he is not here, I miss him all the time.”

Priya in her own right, is a well known name in business and social circles and has many plans up her sleeve for projects both big and small in various sectors. As a curator in the lifestyle space, Priya has put together many successful luxury exhibitions and currently has a select fashion label Privee and she also promotes a style site Fashion Gypsy. On a larger scale she is scouting for investments in various sectors from south east Asia for India.  She says, “That’s how I work, I chase my dreams both on the macro as well as micro levels. Besides large business concerns I like dabbling in smaller more personal smaller projects in fashion, charitable and even spiritual areas. I live in the present and do whatever takes my fancy at the moment and do not look far into the future.”

“Over years I have become more spiritual (in fact coming from a Jain family, my parents  instilled many  traditional  values and a deep respect for all living things in all of us.” says Priya who has three siblings two sisters and a brother, and she says, “We are all deeply rooted in family values and believe that we have to be responsible in every way to the world around us and to all life that exists on this earth. Being brought up in a Jain household I have been deeply influenced by the concept of Ahimsa and I am very inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who is synonymous with Ahimsa. My father too has been a very big inspiration for me and he believed in the philosophy of karma, of working hard and being focused on your goals. Today’s emphasis on skill development is very much in keeping with my father’s  teachings. I also admire historical figures like Chanakya, the master strategist and Ashoka the great ruler of India who expanded India’s sphere of influence to even Japan! Great souls like Lord Mahavira who is the essence of peace and universal love and Lord Krishna who taught us how to deal with any situation are guiding lights of my life.”

Priya believes in good karma and keeping one’s actions right and as far as possible thinking about the welfare of others and not just pursuing selfish goals. As a young businessperson,  she believes that India has a bright future and immense potential. She concludes, “The skillability and scalability of the Indian workforce is a huge asset and this is what will take the country forward and  we have to tap this and develop this in the most productive way for our country to prosper!”

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