Fiama Cool Burst is Different N Cool

image001.jpg A lawyer by profession and a fitness enthusiast, 26 year old  Alok didn’t really believe  that one would feel 3 degrees cooler with Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel which was sent to us for a review but curious he was happy to try it to see if it did as promised.  Here is what he had to say: The icy blue Fiama  Cool Burst shower gel looked interesting and innovative and so I agreed to use it . Since the gel variant can be used on both hair and body it is a time saver and cuts out the bother of me having to carry two bath products, a soap and a shampoo to my gym for my post workout shower. I tried the Cool Burst on a really hot day and the refreshing menthol surely made me cooler by 3 degrees instantly. I was left feeling squeaky clean and powered by freshness. I was happy  with  how I felt after using it and certain I will stick with Cool Burst through the summer for sure.

Fiama is a premium range of  personal care products from ITC. Men Cool Burst has a dual cleanser for body and hair that gives a relaxing experience for the heat prickled body. Stay cool with Fiama Men Cool Burst shower gel! Price 199.

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