Get A taste of Jaypore in Delhi


Take time out to touch feel and experience some fine craft based designs across apparels, accessories, art and craft, home deccor and more at The Jaypore Open House at Aga Khan Hall in New Delhi on 29 August. Jaypore the popular Indian online retailer that features curated collections of handmade, handwoven and handcrafted products from all over India is hosting a curated online shop today, bridging the gap between beautiful products you see online and actually experiencing the exquisite design in person.  The reason for this says Shilpa Sharma, the lady who founded Jaypore along with Puneet Chawla an e commerce expert in 2012, is simply to allow people to experience the touch and feel of the brand they are familiar with online.

If you drop in at the venue, you can also experience a workshop by Sari authoritarian Rita Kapur Chishti showcasing the versatility of the drape, novel ways to style it and also enjoy a miniature painting demonstration by local Madhubani and Gond artists, and even buy a Madhubani or Gond work!!

The Jaypore Open House will take this venture across  across the country, with the first stop in New Delhi.


As an online brand that aims to create a unique interpretation of age-old handloom crafts and help mitigate India’s image of producing tacky and cheap craft, Jaypore curates and presents  exclusive collections that represent our finest craft-based designs. Collections are presented online by partnering with artisanal communities, textile designers, and independent artists and fuse contemporary designs and silhouettes with traditional textiles, embellishment and surface decoration techniques.

Jaypore also works with established labels like Shades of India, Amrapali, Abraham and Thakore, Raw Mango and Rang Bandhej. Social and craft initiatives like AIACA, KGU, DAMA, Women Weave, Rehwa and Qilasaaz regularly showcase their product on the website.



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