South Kanara Reloaded

After long I accompanied my 86 year old dad, Parampally Subramaniam Herle on a nostalgic trip back home to my hometown and his birthplace, the stunningly beautiful South Kanara district of Karnataka only to discover than within a 150 km radius of my ancestral home in Sasthan, I could be delighted by beaches, mountains, backwaters, waterfalls, forest sanctuaries, stunning archaeological sites, ancient yet living temple to which the devout thronged and could feast on traditional delights like goli bajji and ghee dosa at eating places that my father ran to for a quick feast when he was just a lad in the 1940’s. My cousin Vaikunta,  now a busy entreprenuer, nevertheless made sure that in the short time that I was there I enjoyed everthing that was there in the area’s basket including sipping coconut water from the tree Dad played under as a toddler.

From Bangalore and Managalore onwards to Jain cultural sites like Sravana Belagola and Karwar,  evocative old archaeological wonders like Halebidu, temple town of Belur nestling in the forest, unspoiled beaches at Hangarakatta and Malpe, pilgrimage centres like Udipi, Mookambika, Muradeshwar , the student township at Manipal with lively pubs and eateries, this beautiful neigbourhood had it all.. and just because God was feeling happy with what He had created, He threw in a water fall as well at the Jog falls.

All the luxury of nature comes at really reasonable prices.. a pure ghee dosa at best costs Rs 50 at popular local eateries.  And there is fresh coastal cuisine and seafood you can eat all you want without burning a hole in your pocket. Go spoil yourself and catch some Karnataka culture…you will only  get hooked!

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