Let the spirit of Durga Lakshmi Saraswati be vested in you

The The Panel Murad Shashi Sanjana Poonam Abha

The Panelists with Neena Gulati and Shashi Jon

In keeping with the sentiment of the season, Oxford Book Store hosted  a lively discussion titled “Awakening the Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati within”   with people of eminence such as lawyer Abha Singhal Joshi who works with grassroot NGOs UN bodies and corporates,  well known author and  auto journalist Murad Ali Baig, senior fashion designer Poonam Bhagat,  and designer  and crusader for social causes Sanjana Jon. The  interactive talk session was moderated by Shashi Sunny of Sunny Side Stories.

The discussion approached the subject from different perspectives. While Murad Ali Beg pointed out that  while the power of female identity is certainly awakening it still faces a huge wall of Brahmin patriarchal thinking, Abha Singhal  Joshi  pointed out how the Constitution of India and the Law has always had the back of women fighting for their rights. Sanjana Jon contributed from her own life experience of having to stand up and fight for justice for her brother Anand Jon while Poonam Bhagat asked women to go forth boldly without fear for the strength we associate Durga Laskhmi and Saraswati is within us and is ours to command.

The lively audience had a mix of glamour  avid listeners and interested participants  such as entrepreneurs  Ritu Kashyap Dhawan of Just in Time and Malvika Sehgal Kaura , Shashi Jon,  Chavi Backaria  media studies teacher teacher, Chef Nishant Choubey, start up consultant Roli Lal, travel professional Poonam Sood. And with many in the audience showing up in green, the mood seemed to be ready set and  just GO for it ladies!




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