Abraham & Thakore Presents Collection at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 in association with Nexa

Abraham & Thakore continues its exploration with both traditional and contemporary silhouette and clothing in this collection and looks at the relationship between stitched and unstitched clothing.

Contemporary separates combine stitched construction, wrap and drape. Tailored shapes are combined with the sari, the dupatta, the lungi, the dhoti.


Hand vs machine. 25 years ago the Abraham & Thakore brand was quietly launched in London at The Conran Shop with a modest collection of hand crafted garments and accessories in black and white. Still as passionate about hand crafted textiles, this season the wood block becomes a starting point in designs that focus on the irregularity of the hand made textile. We deconstruct the process of creating patterns on surfaces. Rather than incise forms and motifs onto the surface of a wood block, we use the uncarved block to create solid colour surfaces. Each impression of the woodblock varies slightly according to the pressure exerted by the printer creating subtle unique variations on each individual garment.

The line is often referred to as the most basic element of design. We contrast a simple line with the printed solid. We then use the line to create both patterns and surfaces of stripes and florals.


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