It’s all an illusion by Alex Magu at Roseate House

It was a evening of  fun, skill and magic at Upstage the  luxe in house theater at the Roseate House Aerocity yesterday when Russian illusionist Alex Magu  drew oohs and ahha from an appreciative audience as he pulled out tantalizing magic tricks from his sleeve, his little box , his skillful figures and his amazing mind. And yes there is indeed a unbelievable climax.

The show is an wonderful journey into the world of levitation, skill and illusion. Alexander Magu ,who has more than 2000 shows to his credit and several awards and TV shows relies on his own talents rather than than too many props or stage effects or equipment to do his magic and gives an impressive and entertaining performance that will surely leave you asking, So how do you do it?!!!!  But all that Alex will say is— Real magic is in love family and frendship! Now who can argue with that?

If you want to be amazed catch him on 11 and 12 Nov at Roseate House Aerocity, New Delhi.Alex Magu_poster.jpg

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