These Bloomin’ Anglos I remember so much…..

Having spent much of my childhood in Lajpat Nagar 4 (now Vikram Vihar, New Delhi) and many delightful years with the  Anglo Indians who were my teachers ( at The Frank Anthony Public School), friends, and mentors (Mr G W Mayor my Principal at school), I have many reasons to love them. Indeed one of my earliest memory is of my neighbour and nursery playschool teacher Mrs Dawes taking us four year olds for a walk to what is now the Defence Colony Police Station , (then there were open fields there) and point out cabbages and radish that grew there._Z1A9984
Now a book, “These Bloomin’ Anglos,” by  former corporate honcho Hari Basakaran brings back sweet memories. These Bloomin. Anglos is  an interesting and enjoyable narrative of the Anglo Indian community in India that captures the essence of the community in India. This book reminds me that it is both a personal and national loss that  so many of them have left for opportunities abroad.
The book has been  well received by the Anglo-Indian community . The launch events held at Chennai and Bangalore were well attended and early reviews of the book are quite positive. Here are what some of the readers say.
     Hari has travelled many miles to meet a large number of Anglo-Indians and has focused on the personal rather than the community history, giving life to the book and engaging the reader at a more intimate level. This enables him to talk about what life was like in old Royapuram before it became Lorrypuram, of what it was like settling abroad and struggling to make it into a comfortable life today, and those who stayed behind and have discovered there was a whole world of opportunity for them in India.                                                                                                                                                                               — Mr. S Muthiah                            
Hari opens a window to reveal the everyday lives of people and the unique culture that informs their attitude to life, their successes and failures, their interaction with the community around them, which makes them a beautiful part of the mosaic that is India.” — Dr. Beatrix D’Souza
A narrative about the Anglo-Indian community written from the heart!  Hari Baskaran, in characteristic style, interweaves his discourse with history, memories and personal interactions to present his readers with an account of what it means to be an Anglo-Indian through the eyes of Anglo-Indians as well as from an outsider’s perspective that is refreshing both in content and delivery.” — Dr. Cheryl-Ann Shivan
This book on the history Anglo-Indian community would be most welcome and gratefully received by the surviving members of our community and would do us great honour. I have had great difficulty explaining to my wife and children, who I actually am!!!!(My wife is Welsh and I live in Wales).We have had very little knowledge of our roots and reading your book, was quite insightful.” — Dr. Julian Adie.

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