DINOS ARE FOREVER! Hunt for the Indian dinos here….

Even as the latest of the iconic Jurrasic Park movies plays out at a theatre near you, here is a wonderful introduction to the intriguing world of dinosaurs beautifully told in a new kids book , Scolastic Encyclopaedia of Donosaurs. Ita a lovely book sure to keep curious kids awed by the world of these magnificent creaturesunnamed 

 What makes the book really fun are the super illustrations. Krishna Bala Shenoi has illustrated the Indian dinosaurs in the book. He is known as an Illustrator, animator, filmmaker, composer, writer and photographer and is specially interested in making illustrations for children’s books and this shows in the extremely lifelike illustrations that are sure to engage a childs interest.

As you flip though the pages, you will meet the stars, both old favourites and the newly discovered, in India and across the world and get to know where these extinct creatures lived, what they looked like and why they still capture our imagination.

Why Kids will love this book..

  • All the dinosaurs mentioned have supporting photos
  • Timelines of these dinosaurs
  • Maps featuring their geographical location
  • Fact Boxes containing specific information


Price 399. Scholastic.


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