Looking for a quick new look for you home? One that you can achieve with no fuss and quickly? The best way to do this is by opting for a quick make over for your bed linen. Check out  Maishaa, known for producing superior quality fabrics with unique designs, great finess and texture, have introduced a new collection of bed linen. Conceived in the purest, softest and highest quality material, the collection spells ultimate comfort and refinement.

The collection in all white has a pristine appearance with subtle, yet pretty threadwork running through it. The floral thread work looks almost like exquisite water colours and the bed linen is nothing short of some unique art works. The light hues of blue, pink, yellow and red of the threadwork impart the fabrics a look of ultra sophistication.

With their fine texture and soft surface the fabrics offer great warmth and comfort. Combined with pillows with similar prints and other solid coloured pillows in varying shades of blue, the collection makes for an outstanding addition to your bedroom. It is a result of continuing innovation and a tradition of ensuring the best features in every aspect of the product.



Select home stop and home centre stores across India.


A.K.Retail Inc. (Maishaa)

PP-103 (Ground Floor), Maurya Enclave,

Pitam Pura, Delhi – 110088,


Ph: +91 11 2735 3747 / 3566


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