When Glenfiddich marries exotic elixirs, its a taste fest for all your senses

Glenfiddich is the world’s most awarded single-malt whisky so it is only fitting that, when it comes to single malts, it should  push boundaries of experimentation . Its innovative and exclusive single-malt curation- Glenfiddich Experiments is a result of collaboration between Glenfiddich and Malabar Secrets, a niche state-of-the-art natural spice flora extracts brand.  Glenfiddich

has reinvented the norm and redefined the single malt serve in India with Glenfiddich Experiments.

Collaborating with  Chef Vanshika Bhatia of Together at 12th at Hotel Le Meridien, Gurgaon, Glenfiddich introduced a new avatar of the initiative to a select invited audience.  Chef Vashinka curated an unique culinary experience for the evening in tandem with the ingredients that went into the making of 3 elixirs, i.e. Sweet Obsession, Dufftown Confluence and Bittersweet Symphony. The elixirs were integrated into the essence of the dishes on the menu for the evening. With a live canapé counter, the Chef prepared various interesting canapé serves with elixirs. For dessert, the guests could select their choice of elixir to enhance the flavour of their pick.

Glenfiddich Experiments serves up the traditional single malt with handpicked exotic ingredients that are specialties of India’s diverse landscape and uses them to magically fuse with Glenfiddich’s best.  Glenfiddich India Brand Ambassador, Angad Singh Gandhi, curated the serves with the specially designed elixirs that uplift the sublime Glenfiddich 12-year old to even greater heights. The three exceptional elixirs- Bitter Sweet Symphony, Dufftown Confluence, Sweet Obsession that have been formulated by bringing together the fragrant Mysore jasmine, spicy Malabar clove, Kerala black pepper, cinnamon from the Western Ghats, bitter orange from Nagpur, the Kashmir peach, spiced coriander from Karnataka and other unique handpicked spices to create the perfect background for aromatic elevation.

The beautiful evening was a celebration of thoroughly researched recipes with  innovative additions that promise to be a complete sensory  revolution for single-malt lovers. Present at the elite evening was entrepreneur Bina Ramani, who was seen advocating the exotic elixirs.

According to Angad Singh Gandhi  since India is a market that enjoys single-malts, the Glenfiddich initiative to present  these first-of-its-kind serves are sure to appeal to the Indian connoisseur of fine spirits.

The Glenfiddich Experiments menu is a celebration of thoroughly researched recipes with ground-breaking experience and innovative additions that promise to be a revolution for single-malt lovers.







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