Magic of marigold, ajrak and sun printing puts Nida Mahmood’s collection a cut above

Madam Marigold by Nida Mahmood - Photo Credit - Rohit Chawla - Pic 2Madam Marigold by Nida Mahmood - Photo Credit - Rohit Chawla - Pic 2Madam Marigold by Nida Mahmood - Photo Credit - Rohit Chawla - Pic 1Nida Mahmood’s current collection,  called Madam Marigold, is a sustainable collection that focuses on the use of natural fabrics and printing techniques. The two main techniques employed are Ajrak printing from Gujrat done with natural dyes and Sun printing which is a 160 years old analogue photography technique.

Nida says, “One of our brand’s touchstones is circular design, inspired by the earth’s ecosystem. Minimum waste is created and all resources are taken care of constantly through our works to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Ajrak printing  uses dyes from natural elements like turmeric, pomegranate, onion peels, tea leaves, beetroot, hibiscus, marigold, natural indigo etc. Apart from ajrak, we have attempted our hand at a 160-year-old unique photography technique to expose prints on textiles and paper. It is an extremely tedious and time-consuming technique that requires a lot of attention and care.

Madam Marigold is an inclusive brand that celebrates the true essence of real women and in many ways portrays the designer herself – Nida as she truly stands for ‘India Cool’ and artistic design expression. The brand is proudly Made in India embossing Indian ethnicity with a contemporary touch and is is 100% Swadeshi.

The collection was unveiled at a fashion preview with women of a wide age group including the Doordarshan’s yesteryear diva Salma Sultan showcasing the versatility of the brand.  The collection comprises of tunics, pants, sarees, jackets, overlays,  and dresses.

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