Beat corona fatigue at CHEVRON in Gurugram

Visit this stunning chevron lounge to refresh yourself in a safe and sanitised outing during this pandemic.

“With people’s health being a prime concern for us, not only are we taking all precautions like regular sanitization and social distancing inside the lounge, we are also planning to effectively use the beautiful outdoors for a more enhanced experience,” says entrepreneur Keshav Bhardwaj, the brain behind Chevron and also the Founder of Streamin’ Music Group.

Strategically located around the Aravallis in the lush green Gwal Pahari area of Gurugram, Chevron boasts of a beautifully landscaped exterior and an artistically designed interior too. Chevron has a design sensibility that is not just pleasing to the eye; it also offers a vast amount of space for one to relax while enjoying an evening out with friends over drinks and snacks or even while hosting a family lunch. The well-lit restaurant is divided into three sections with a separate VIP lounge on mezzanine floor that can be easily used for private parties too. The ground floor is carefully divided into lounge and dining areas along with a well-stocked bar and a well-equipped kitchen.

Speaking about Chevron, 27-year-old Keshav says, “Being into music, I have made sure to use the latest in music and technology to offer a never-before experience to the patrons. At Chevron, special attention is paid to the acoustics so that not only is the sound of music uniform everywhere, there is no blaring or jarring of sound. Special lighting technology has also been used which can be easily changed as per the mood, time or even theme.”

While ambience draws people to a place, food lures them enticingly. Chevron’s menu offers a good mix of Italian, Oriental and Continental cuisine. Chef Martin Rozario who has worked with multiple 5 star hotels and several standalone restaurants says, “The food at Chevron will satisfy your taste buds totally, whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full-fledged meal.”

Drop in to for a happy experience that will please all your senses.

Keshav Bhardwaj

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