A techie’s take on Mysticism and Industry- Father of God by Ajay Mishra

An august panel of speakers which included Justice Retd S N Aggarwal High Court, “Waterman’ Rajinder Singh, Padma Shri Jitender Singh Shunti, Film Director Subodh Chopra, Dr Zaheer Khan of BJP among others gathered together for a panel discussion on Mysticism and Industry at the Constitution Club’s Speakers Hall on 23rd February. The happy occasion was the launch of Father of God, a racy contemporary crime thriller, which interestingly enough has been authored by a techie Ajay Mishra, Director at Ericsson who put his days of isolation when he was locked down in Paris to good use.

For the audience, the discussion was a rare opportunity to hear about the extraordinary work by such eminent people such as Mr Rajinder Singh and Jitender Singh and participate in a lively talk about mysticism and its relation to industry and development in today’s India. They also got the behind the scenes stories about the book and a glimpse into what the exciting plot of the book.

The lively event rounded off with book signing by the author and a high tea.

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