Shop Shree The Indian Avatar For A Special Treat

A visit to a new store by Shree The Indian Avatar, a brand I knew little about was an eyeopener. Having mostly dealt with haute couture or at the very least the big names in the business of fashion, I was truly surprised to see what Shree, founded by Sheetal Kapoor is quietly doing. The store was well stocked with the brands Summer 21 collection and surprise, surprise,, the most stylish, festive and chic garments sported a price tag of just Rs1999!

So how can the brand afford to offer well designed, hi quality garments to women at this price point? Sheetal says with a sense of satisfaction and pride, “That is what the brand is all about, wearable, well designed, everyday apparel at pocket friendly prices so that everywoman can shop with feeling guilty about spending some precious cash on herself every month. Our prices are so affordable that even the watchman at our store regularly buys the brand for his wife without feeling the pinch! “

What made the label truly special for me was that nothing about the outfits was low on quality or taste. I found myself tempted to pick up quite a few and walked out with more than one shopping bag with my wallet lighter by just Rs 5000!

So how does Shree do it? By buying in base raw materials in bulk, doing everything like printing and designing, making tassels and embellishments in house and keeping profit margins low says Sheetal.

Since its inception in 2009, Shree- The Indian Avatar has come a long way and has a target of opening a 100 new stores all over the country including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in the next few months. The bigger target is 1000 stores by the year end. A remarkable aspiration and a testimony to the sound strategy of the brand in pandemic times when businesses are facing multiple challenges!

Shree placed its foot into the ethnic wear market in 2010 due to the increasing consumer demand for their products on what was previously an e-com platform.

Sheetal Kapoor believes, “Shree understands the everyday fashion needs of its consumers. We aspire to make a space into each woman’s wardrobe.

Check out the latest Spring Summer’21 collection at Shree The Indian Avatar that offers the consumers a combination of quality, and fashion at an unbeatable price. After all nothing lifts a women’s spirits more than some retail therapy at price points that are a steal. I can confidently bet that you won’t stop at one!


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