Sangeeta Gupta, a highly regarded senior bureaucrat from the revenue services who has just retired has now turned to creative pursuits. As an artist, poet and filmmaker. she recently curated an exhibition that was held at her own gallery Prithvi in Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi, which drew attention for its showcasing of talented young artists. Sangeeta says these works are witness the churning of such souls and touch an emotional chord in all of us.

The artists on show were:
Delhi based artist and fashion designer, Amit K. Das says that his muse has always been the tree
which connects the inner space with the outer space through roots. The tree is the mirror image of the
artist himself portraying thoughts, emotions and impressions of the unknown and the unseen in him.
He effortlessly expresses himself through the media of ripping and pen work on paper, he uses needle to
engrave the handmade acid free paper. The outcome is magical.

Bimmi Khan’s works are like morning raga. Her soft dry pastels flow on paper like a lake. She has been
quietly working in her private space for more than a decade now. She may look very unassuming but in
her work, she is her true self. Abstraction gives her the freedom which is seldom found in this mundane
world. This self taught artist whispers in our years that life goes on so go with the flow.

Mohd Naseem is an adventurous wanderer who seems to be in discovery mode trying to find his true
self. His restless energy finds solace in his contemporary experiments. Art is all about searching and
knowing the uncertain, the unknown.

Radhika Chand is deeply immersed in abstraction. Her painting reflects her inner self, a child like
purity pervades it inside out. She is comfortable with her own reality and expresses it with certainty.
Her colours are vibrant like a song of the spring.

Sanju Jain the abstract artist weaves her subconscious spirit in dense textures. Deeply rooted in the five
elements of the cosmos she draws the viewer in, with a magnetic pull. Not that one ever resents such
fatal attraction, it is rather a visual feast to soul.

Prithvi Fine Art and Cultural Centre is a registered society based in the heart of Delhi to promote art,
literature, films and music of India. It is a centre for exchange of ideas, meaningful conversations
about art, literature and life .

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