Shashi Sunny has been a writer and journalist working in a senior capacity in many leading publications such as PEOPLE magazine and Magna Publications such as Society Savvy and Stardust.. She has  interviewed a wide range of celebrities, achievers and newsmakers for these publications. She has over 25 years proven expertise in writing  and communications and organizing hi profile events and has a background in a wide range of  fields such as glamour industry, fashion, politics, films, publishing She is personally known to  many well known personalities in the political lifestyle and business fields A post graduate in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi, Shashi has also taught English Literature at Delhi University and has done a study on women’s Journals for the Press Commission of India. She has been a guest lecturer at media institutes and has been on the student selection panel for Fashion Designing NIFT and  on the panel of judges for various personality and contests and beauty pageants. She is currently freelancing for several publications. In her  sparetime she enjoys reading travelling and meeting people.

Sunnyside stories is a leisure blog that is about interesting things people do around town. While they may all not be A- list celebrities or exclusive information  or breaking news stories, these are people who keep the city’s pulsating with activity and create a buzz introducing us to people, places, things that are worth knowing about and experiencing.

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