Celebrity jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan who   has created jewellery for celebrities like  Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra Deepika Padukone and international  names like Beyonce and Serena Williams. Has just collaborated with CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jeweller for an exclusive jewellery collection line – Ornati. Inspired by the fun-loving, fearless and feminine charm of every youthful heart, Ornati is a work of art by Farah. It is a selection of ornate and adventurous designs, with real connection to the women who inspire them.

FK Pastel Petals 2-2Here Farah Ali Khan shares the top trends for jewellery   –

There is a demand for fresh new ideas rather than the typical traditional jewellery designs.

There is a vast shift from white diamonds and polka to coloured stones.

Newer products like armlets with chains, ear cuffs and in-between rings (rings worn between two fingers) are being preferred for their novelty factor.

People no longer buy jewellery for investment so the aesthetic value of the piece is important  – the design of the jewellery must be really beautiful.

Workmanship – intricate, exquisite and perfect finish will rule.  Every piece must be made well and feel good. Buyers will get particular about workmanship. Design will be not just about the way jewellery looks but also how it feels to the wearer.

She signs off saying her signature style is clean looking designs. “I love emeralds because I think the colour green is closest to nature and very therapeutic visually. My all time favourite piece is a diamond Victorian  Moulin Rouge style aquamarine neck piece I did for actress Raveena Tandon  for her wedding.



The Ornati collection line brings together three diverse collections, in terms of inspiration, aesthetics and story, all brought together with by similar playful yet elegant designs. “The design philosophy of Ornati is about capturing beauty in playful jewellery, making each piece an individual style statement. Each Ornati collection ensures to bring along it’s unique charm while aligning to the Ornati style,” Farah, further added.

The Ornati collection line includes Pastel Petals, Ayin and Sonnet. Pastel Petals brings earrings, rings and pendants designed with specially crafted sorbet-coloured gemstones, accented with a scatter of diamonds. Ayin takes a modern look into the protective evil eye, which forms the centre piece of the collection. And Sonnet, takes muse from ballroom elegance, reviving the old-world glamour of Baguette cut diamonds, with rosy reds, graceful greens, breathtaking blues.

As a first-ever exclusive designer collection line, Ornati will help CaratLane bring to women the spectacular beauty of designer jewellery, while making them accessible, affordable and forever wearable.

Ornati is available exclusively at the CaratLane website and at CaratLane stores across Delhi, Thane, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Indore. The collection starts from INR 8,000..

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