Royal repast with Dr Karan Singh, Umang Hutheesingh.

People who enjoy good food eat small portions because they savour every morsel, said Dr Karan Singh  of the Kashmir Royal family as he sat down to relish a traditional regal, spread laid out at the Royal Fables  by the kitchens of Kunwarani Vijaya Singh of Sirmour and Kunwar Shivraj Singh of Limdi,  Gujarat. Dr Singh added the princes were always patrons of art and culture so it is satisfying to see that so many royal families have revived the ancient crafts and are also personally seen here promoting their rich heritage. Ahmedabad  prince Umang Hutheesingh whose every piece is  one of a kind said,”I have inherited a magnificent legacy and and consider it my duty and responsibility to conserve it. I have worn royal costumes from the time I was born and their beauty is unparalleled. I wanted to share this heritage with  the world and make them  aware of our county’s rich and ancient heritage. .

The exhibition saw the coming together princely participants and long time supporters like Diljeet Titus, well known lawyer of the law firm Titus&Co and founded The Titus Museum a stable of  fabulous collection of vintage motor cars, motor cycles and horse carriages for a royal salute. As Titus points out, ” I have the greatest respect for antiquities, vintage collectibles and traditional skills. Money comes and goes, but once lost you can never get back your heritage so ts great to be associated with an endeavor that helps not only to preserve ancient skills and artifacts but also keeps it alive and relevant today by making it commercially viable. Unless that is done  artisans and craftsmen will not be able to survive the onslaught of modernity. My association is born out of a deep passion for all things vintage and historical”

It was surely satisfying to catch a glimpse of all things that were a bright and beautiful part of royal India and what’s more,splurge and take a bit of it home with you!




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