One-on-One with Puraskar Thadani, ELITE Nightlife Awards

1. What are the Nightlife awards all about?

Delhi and luxury are understandably synonymous. India’s capital has always been the seat of imperial power, and by consequence home to an Elité class of citizen. Wealth, excess and decadence are in no short supply. When the mighty from industry, politics, the arts and highest echelons of society mingle, the resultant cocktail gets heady. Whether it’s The Taj with its 100-year-old legacy or the Marriot chain backed by international acumen, Delhi’s at par with the best in the world when it comes to hospitality. Its malls are stocked by the latest fashion brands and farmhouses that are tastefully decorated with art and artifacts. The young drive into the night with their Super-cars and the young by heart enjoy their nights third bottle of Chardonnay. 

So for us that’s Elité Delhi, a city where the rich and the connoisseurs of good living move in a hallowed circle. And with this very note we brought forward and introduced to the city ELITE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS, a ceremony which will highlight the best and will capture it all and bring you into a world known as Elité Delhi. 

2. When were they instituted?

ELITE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS came to Life last year with a Big Bang. And This Year would be our second year organising the Nightlife Awards. 

3. What is your vision for them?

ELITE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS serve the definitive authority on connoisseur-ship for ultra-affluent consumers. 

We not only showcase & highlight the Best Of Food & Nightlife Delhi has to offer, but also the best of services available from the most prestigious restaurants and chefs. As a luxury resource, it’s our duty to provide our sophisticated readership with detailed insight into the Finest and the newest places Delhi has to offer. 

For connoisseurs seeking the very best that life has to offer, ELITE NIGHTLIFE AWARDS will soon become the essential luxury resource to find out which place is exactly the very best. 

4. What will the usp this year?

Food !! This year it’s all about Food, the very Best Delhi Has to Offer. 

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