Ekaya ‘s Thaan makes you dream Banarsis!

Insallation at the Launch of Thaan (2)The stunning contemporary weaves of rich Banarasi textiles at the new Ekaaya Thaan Defence colony New Delhi   tempts  you to think up a thousand different ways to get these textiles to become a part of your life!

​Thaan is the brainchild of Ekaya CEO Palak Shah who defines the venture as a quest to redefine conventional ideas about textiles, by breaking apart and reconstructing concepts into a space where there is no distinction between borders – ‘A Fusion of Cultures and the Future’.

​ The store, is a theatre for the ultimate drama of textiles, highlighting the mastery, art, and narrative represented within the fine textures of each hand woven fabric. It not only enhances the textile experience but also draws upon the most compelling aspects of the parent brand’s culture of establishing a community around its core values: authenticity and uniqueness

Says Palak Shah “It became necessary for me to exit the environment which was beginning to get saturated with similar run-of-the-mill ideas. A bird eye perspective had become necessary; I want Indian Textiles to stand for impeccable craftsmanship, inventiveness and subtle yet noticeable sophistication. If we keep using the same old methods the craft will continue to struggle to sustain itself.

At a bespoke evening to introd

uce the textiles to Delhi, Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Information & Broadcasting  Smriti Irani was present to support the brand and its deep rooted heritage. Also seen enjoying the wonderous fabrics on display  were wedding planner Vandana Mohan, Designers Ashdeen Lilaowala, Rahul Mishra, Leena Singh, Himanshu & Dhruti Dogra of Play Clan, Puneet Jasuja, Niharika Shekhawat,  Bharti & Tanira Sethi.

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