This Diwali bet on ex PAYPAL Sanjay Bhargava’s Bharosa Club

Come  Dhanteras and Diwali,   there is noise all around asking you to spend! spend! spend! to get the festive feel, but Sanjay Bhargava, an ex Paypal founding member who has worked closely with Elon Musk, urges us to take control of our financial wellness first. .Sanjay Bhargava is now on a mission to make Indians embrace financial wellness. According to him, 90% of Indians suffer from FDD (fixed deposit disorder). Like many, I too was one of them, but now that I have become a member of Bharosa Club (  for the first time, I feel that I am in control of my finances

Sanjay handled the cash management business in India, Thailand and New York over the span of 17 years at the Citibank Group. He then joined the founding team at PayPal Inc and is credited by Elon Musk as having figured out the world’s first low cost method of authenticating terrestrial bank accounts, which was critical to making the PayPal business model work.Post Paypal, he went on to start the Universal Financial Access (UFA) movement in India and IIC Fellowship with the University of Chicago. Sanjay is an alumnus of IIT B, IIM A and Stanford University, and firmly believes that a company can “Make Billions and Help Millions”. He started Bharosa Club to provide simple, transparent and commission free financial advice to people – products that pass the “friends and family test”

Bharosa Club is using reverse psychology to reach every Indian by making institutions of all types, big and small, financial wellness partners. The partners circulate 6 lessons. Lesson 1 is here below.Check out Bharosa Club – you can make your college, RWA, religious group, community or company a financial wellness partner. Quoting from a book “The Richest Man in Babylon” Sanjay Bhargava says that for India to become prosperous every Indian must be financially well.

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