My Skin Spa by Comfort Zone


When I got an invite  on behalf of Comfort Zone an Italian luxury beauty brand to join in for Comfort Zone Longevity Day  at the Neu Salonz, Southpoint mall, Gurgaon, it came as a pleasant surprise. After who doesn’t want to look younger, prettier, more relaxed and as a result happier? I certainly did and so off I went to the Neu salon in Gurgoan for an experiential that turned out to be a relaxed rejuvenator. One grouse though the choice of music could have surely been better and a little less background noise would have raised the luxury quotient of the experience by a few notches..

Comfort Zone  started off by providing me with a very detailed analysis about my skin  and I found they  paid a lot of importance to the consultation process. After the analysis they provided me with recommendations for treatments for my skin type. No point sharing mine since you should go in and get your own personalised analysis.  My experiential that followed then included a clean up and facial and took about 40 – 60 minutes.  When I then took a nervous peek at the mirror sans every shred of makeup, yes, I did find my skin clearer, tauter, smoother and  squeaky clean , so much so that one could dare to walk out of the saloon with just a dab of lip gloss and nothing more. And in days that followed I did get people asking me what was making me look so much younger!

Comfort Zone has been introduced in India by Divya Kohli from Salon & Spa Studio by Tangy Rose and has taken the luxurious, holistic beauty of Comfort Zone products and rituals into the leading salons and spas across India.

Here’s what I tried-


This was recommended as it soothes and improves skin tissue thus providing a mattifying action to skin that has not seen a regular maintainance schedule which surely was true for me. It is an advanced deep-cleansing rebalancing and purifying treatment to deeply purify and rebalance  impure skin. With Algae Biphasic mask of semolina algae which is an advanced deep cleansing and gives the skin a luminous, smooth, uniform appearance & re balances the oils in impure skin.

Cost of treatment     : Rs.4500.00


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