Rupal’s WIKKA World of Beautiful Healing is surely Seductive

It was over a warm extended lunch meeting at the elegant spacious Southhall in CP  that I met with  the beautiful perfumer and aromatherapist Rupal Shabnam Tyagi. Over the course of the lunch, I  learnt much about  aromatherapy and how it is a holistic healing of the mind body and soul and not just a beauty regimen.The enthusiam and depth of information that Rupal regaled the jurnos with was quite amazing.  Married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to blue blood. Beauty practices had changed little over the centuries in her household, where simple natural products were used in grooming and maintenance.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi
Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

Regular visits to their family owned aromatic plantations and mango orchards stoked her interest in aromatherapy leading her to become a qualified aromatherapist from London.

This then led her to launch Wikka, her own company. The idea was simple – recreate a world of purer times, where royal beauty recipes were based on completely natural ingredient like oils, herbs and potions  guaranteed to work miracles on the body and soul.

WIKKA’s Basil Walnut exfoliating scrub
WIKKA’s Basil Walnut exfoliating scrub

Rupal informed that Wikka products are based on Aromatherapy, the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The aroma extracted from “essential” oils and natural products can stimulate brain function. Essential oils when absorbed through the skin can travel through the bloodstream and promotes holistic healing. Aroma healing is now a recognised form of alternative medicine that can aid in pain relief, mood enhancement and healing of several serious ailments.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi
Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

Wikka’s beauty mantra is purity in a time, where even our food is chemical based,  The result is a formula, true to its idea and genuine in intent. That is how our products help enhance your skin and its health without side effects and relieve stress and free your mind, soul and spirit. As Rupal urges, Let your body and face be a natural reflection of your inner beauty. Treat yourself to a royal experience. I am surely tempted to give in.

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