FLUX – Nikita Jha’s spectacular series of art

Nikita Jha with Sudip Roy
Nikita Jha with Sudip Roy

On 7th of January, 2017, the Capital got to witness a series of color splashed canvas created by artist Nikita Jha where art connoisseurs and enthusiasts got to enjoy the artworks through the exhibition titled “Flux” which was held at Art Konsult.

Banhi Jha and Sunil Sethi
Banhi Jha and Sunil Sethi

The exhibition was inaugurated by eminent artist Sudip Roy who was pleased by the experimental use of colors and appreciated the thought provoking artworks along with other spectators at the event.

According to Sudip Roy, “Each canvas has the power to cast spell on spectators mind and force them to repeatedly be dragged by beauty of the artworks.”

FDCI President Sunil Sethi while admiring the colorful canvases mentioned “I feel proud that our land has such talent in art that are hard to ignore. Also it is great to see that eminent artist like Sudip Roy is always present to encourage other artists”.

The artworks represent a reorientation of the mindscape from the tangible and structured to the formless, from the terrestrial to the aerial, and from the illusion of control to surrender to the creative impulse.

The event got to witness many eminent guests like Farhad Hussain, Sunil Sethi, Banhi Jha, Joy Mitra, Tirthankar Biswas, Tanira Sethi and many more.

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