Desert Splendour JOJOBA –‘The Natural Oil for Perfect Smooth Skin’

It’s cold pressed JOJOBA oil! Yep, you heard that right; for once someone has got it right and brought it alive in its purest form. In case you didn’t know, they also supply oils to other well known brands!

Desert Splendour
Desert Splendour

Growing up you hear a lot about Jojoba and why it’s great, see it in every product, ‘contains jojoba oil.’ It does have some great benefits, helps fight against anti aging! Who doesn’t love that, plus it feels real good when you apply it onto your skin. Use it as a moisturizer on hair and body or add little drops into your bath and it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Its time to make that switch and make sure you get it in its purest, natural form!

This tiny bottle is made with love. Once the jojoba seeds have matured; they are sent for processing under temperature controlled conditions and the end result is Desert Splendour. Definitely worth a try, it won’t leave you disappointed!

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