Revival of the art of Billboard Painting

Oxford Bookstore organized a talk show discussing about  the revival of lost art of Billboard paintings, The show had  prominent artists and collectors Sanjay Bhattacharya, Dolly Narang and Siddhartha Tagore as the panelists  who  widely discussed  about the topic and shared their experiences of the time when billboard paintings were in trend .

The panelists and the moderator recalled about their favorite billboard paintings and painters in the show , panelist Siddhartha Tagore shared about a time in Kolkata where people used to start painting whenever and wherever they saw an empty wall and how companies used to hire paid artists to create billboard artwork and the other panelist Dolly Narang displayed a catalogue of her collection of hand-painted billboards made by Satyajit Ray for his movies in the 90s.

The panelist widely discussed how digital media has affected the art of  billboard paintings on which Sanjay Bhattacharya suggested that the film producers , advertisement agencies and  publishers  can still help in reviving this art “  I believe that the people who hampered the growth of billboard painting can bring it back all these producers, publishers, and ad agencies can bring finances and can sponsor  billboard artists, because if there is no sponsorship or money flow why would an artist be interested in doing something  he is not getting paid and appreciated for “ said Mr Bhattacharya .

Apart from this, Priti Paul Launched an alphabetical book for children with a distinct Indian flavor titled ABC Desi at the event as her first step towards the revival of the art, the book ABC Desi is an attempt to pique curiosity and appreciation for this unique art form in both children and adults across the globe. The book is a visual celebration and hopes to be a rich source of cultural reference and inspiration, By using this form of painting to illustrate the English alphabets Priti hopes to root the alphabets firmly in an Indian imagery.

Among seen at the event were Naren Sen Gupta,Sanjay Bhattacharya,Siddhartha Tagore, Dolly Narang, Priti Paul and others

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